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Karl Hegbloom hegbloom at pdx.edu
Fri Nov 25 05:39:34 UTC 2005

FYI...  ;-)

There is a person on the Suspend2 development list (Bojan Smojver) who
is patching a Rawhide kernel 2.6.14-1.1709_FC5 kernel.  I don't know if
he's with the Fedora project or not.  He says that kernel is based on

Nigel Cunningham has been posting incremental patches lately, perhaps
intending to make it easier to maintain a kernel source containing the

I'm finding that the 'hibernate' script works better than the
'acpi-support' hibernate and sleep does.  My Athlon-64 workstation will
hibernate to RAM only with the 'hibernate' script; it fails with stock
'acpi-support' scripts.  I really think that Ubuntu should be using it.
It works with ACPI, the present swsusp, and with the Suspend2 patch.

Also see:




 Suspend2 User-UI for Usplash (in development):


Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom at pdx.edu>
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