Next kernel security release hell

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Thu Nov 17 13:13:21 UTC 2005

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:

> 2) due to the nature of the changes, there is a kernel ABI bump in all 3
> releases. AFAIK we never had this situation before and this drag in
> the problem
> of uploading linux-restricted-modules and linux-meta.
> We did never agree (or talk) if the rebuild of the latters should be
> done via
> -security or -updates.
> I personally would like to see them entering the same suite
> (-security) as the
> kernel even if they do not contain security updates themself. Any
> objection?
> Better ideas?

We pretty much have to send all updates to the same suite, since some
people may not have -updates enabled, and we'd end up breaking their
setups.  This precedent has been set in the past (for instance, enigmail
updates to match new mozilla/thunderbird in -security).  If you
need/want my help getting lrm updated, ping me on IRC (tomorrow, I'm
about to go back to bed and nurse my cold some more)

... Adam

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