[Bug 7167] No keyboard with 2.6.10-4-386-SMP (Hoary)

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------- Additional Comments From jb at justBE.com  2005-03-06 11:52 UTC -------
I have 'bad' news - updating the bios did NOT fix the issue. The problem was/is
as far as I can tell, when an USB-storage device is attached and switched on (in
case of my external USB 2.0 hdd) during the boot-up, the message about "i8042.c
Can't load CTR while initializing i8042" appears and therefore the keyboard
doesn't work. Turning the external hdd off, and booting the smp kernel without
the acpi=off part works fine.

It just appeared to be fixed with the new bios because I apparently unplugged
the USB-hdd before doing the upgrade and didn't plug it back in when booting
into ubuntu.

sorry for the faulty report :\

attached is the dmidecode output though with the usb-harddisk not attached.
Additionally, when I plug the USB-hdd when I have ubuntu already booted, the
keyboard keeps working, so it seems like it's really just a problem if the
usb-hdd is plugged in already before booting into ubuntu. A temporary workaround
of course is to either use acpi=off or simply plug the usb-hdd in once you
actually booted into ubuntu, but both at least the later one is not reall
convenient from a user's perspective.

Best regards,

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