[Bug 7209] Oops on accessing any loop-mounted ADFS image

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Sat Mar 5 23:46:56 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From alankila at bel.fi  2005-03-05 23:46 UTC -------
Well, the emphasis on loop-mount is an accident on my part. I do not suspect the
loop component here especially much.

However, eliminating the loop is unfortunately not trivial because with affs the
disk partition the filesystem is on must match the filesystem's size. This is
because the affs root block starts exactly at the midpoint of the filesystem. If
the partition is larger than the filesystem, it's no longer possible to find the
root block.

Most adfs are amiga floppy disk sized that have strange size of 880 kB (1760
sectors). This does not match with PC floppy size, so I guess the only option is
using some harddisk. I'll try to look at some way to make this work tomorrow,
maybe changing hd chs values or something (if I find a suitable hd for trashing).

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