Pegasos support

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto fabbione at
Sun Jul 3 22:22:59 CDT 2005

Emanuel Steen wrote:
> So... my first post to this list, hi everybody.
> I just installed Ubuntu om my Pegasos II, a PowerPC computer. I was wondering 
> if there are any plans to support Pegasos in the next release of Ubuntu, 
> Breezy. Pegasos was for the first time supported in Linux 2.6.11, except the 
> gigabit ethernet. And from 2.6.12 the Pegasos is fully supported in the 
> kernel from
> In the archive linux-image-2.6.12-3-powerpc I can only find a vmlinux image, 
> but that sort of image is not supported on Pegasos. You need the zImage.chrp 
> image to boot the computer. It would be raither simple to just make the 
> zImage and include it in the archive since no patches or anything is needed 
> from 2.6.12 and onwards.
> Thanks
> // Emanuel

Sven is working to some pegasos support and probably knows better
what is the status.


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