Official .config file for Ubuntu Kernel packages

Jochen Roemling jochen at
Sat Dec 24 12:51:10 UTC 2005


after I've seen that the bcm43xx module in the Ubuntu Kernel tree 
published at has been significantly updated, I was 
planning to build a bleeding-edge kernel to test if it still freezes 
when activating the interface on my Dell Latitude D800.

Cloning the git tree is no problem, but I don't have the official 
.config file that is used by the kernel team when creating the packages 
that can later be found on

I have found a .config file in the linux-headers package, but there 
should be an easier way.
Where can I find the .config file that is used in the official builds?
Or is there some make <whatever> option in the Ubuntu tree?

Thanks for the info, please cc me on reply


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