[Bug 20328] yaboot cannot handle kernels and/or initrds >6MB uncompressed for netbooting

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Fri Dec 9 21:41:56 UTC 2005

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> > > The source I'm looking at says 0x600000 which == 6MB.
> > > 
> > > Anyway, try Dapper netboot ...
> > 
> > Oh, the powerpc64 vmlinux is too big. That's harder to do anything about.
> > Perhaps the kernel team can comment?
> Not much I can do about this. Things are about as modular as they can be. Dapper
> 2.6.15 kernels were based on breezy configs, and new drivers were just made modular.
> As for initrd, that's a matter for the initramfs-tools. My G4's initramfs is
> 7Megs compress (heck, I have some machines that are 11Megs compressed).
> Even if some things were made modular, they are most likely things that when
> moved from the kernel, will have to be placed in the initrd. So there's a catch-22.

Could a reduced kernel/image be made specifically for netboot installs?  The 6MB limit only applies to netbooting.  
Once the OS is installed, the image can be any size.

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