Resyncing the archive with the seed lists

Adam Conrad adconrad at
Mon Aug 15 11:55:23 UTC 2005

Martin Pitt wrote:
>> o wwwconfig-common: wwwconfig-common
>>   [Reverse-Depends: moodle]
>>	Missing report (should probably be avoided in moodle; Adam, please
>>	confirm)
> The intention of this package really makes sense, I would like to take
> a look at it and evaluate it. Unfortunately my Debian activities were
> quiet nonexistant recently (ENOTIME)... Something like this package is
> required for web applications anyway, and Sean Finney did quite good
> work on it AFAIK.

Sean hasn't touched wwwconfig-common, actually, he's been proposing and
trying to write a replacement that's actually policy compliant and
doesn't mess willy-nilly with other packages' conffiles.
wwwconfig-common, while a validly useful idea, is horribly implemented
and can cause a large number of hard-to-diagnose problems.  If there's
any way that moodle can be made to not require it, yet still install
cleanly, this would really be preferable.

Who is trying to get moodle seeded to main, and can they contact me and
see if perhaps we can work together to sort it out to not require

... Adam

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