A new SRU cycle started...

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Wed Nov 21 16:41:20 UTC 2018

Short cycle coming up next. See info below

cycle: 12-Nov through 02-Dec
         07-Nov   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
12-Nov - 16-Nov   Kernel prep week.
19-Nov - 30-Nov   Bug verification & Regression testing.
         03-Dec   Release to -updates.

Kernel Versions
    linux:               4.18.0-12.13
    linux:               4.15.0-42.45
    linux-hwe-edge:      4.18.0-12.13~18.04.1
    linux:               4.4.0-140.166
    linux-hwe:           4.15.0-42.45~16.04.1
    linux-hwe-edge:      4.15.0-42.45~16.04.1
    linux:               3.13.0-163.213
    linux-lts-xenial:    4.4.0-140.166~14.04.1

cycle: 03-Dec through 20-Dec
         28-Nov   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
03-Dec - 07-Dec   Kernel prep week.
10-Dec - 19-Dec   Bug verification & Regression testing.
         20-Dec   Release to -updates.

Because this cycle would normally end just before everybody
will be away on holidays, we will move the release date to
a Thursday and also limit changes to CVEs and critically
important bug fixes. Anybody needing a submitted bug fix
urgently in that cycle (and better be sure it is not too
invasive) get in contact with us.

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