[Bug 669399] Re: Touchpad bottom edge unresponsive in ubuntu 10.10 64-bit

Alan Nise 669399 at bugs.launchpad.net
Fri Nov 5 00:30:37 UTC 2010


First thats for your time and effort on supporting guys like us.  We all
really appreciate it.

Was interested in knowing your thoughts on why you think that bug 582809
was not related to this. After reading your post, I was reading through
this bug and actually think that this may be the same issue as bug
582809, though the symptom was appearing on a different computer.
582809 was caused by mis recognition of the touchpad such that the wrong
driver was selected. I did similar test and noticed that there were no
events being generated when I was pressing on the lower area of the
touchpad before this patch was installed.

The only fix on that patch was that the clickpad driver would not falsly
detect the touchpad as a clickpad, If there was any changes at all after
installing the patch, then it means that the clickpad driver stopped the
mis recognition leaving the system free to use the correct driver. My
idea on this is that only users who this bug is applicable would see any
change if the patch was installed.

What do you think ?

Touchpad bottom edge unresponsive in ubuntu 10.10 64-bit
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