[Bug 579300] Re: Please disable CONFIG_SOUND_OSS* and CONFIG_SND_*OSS*

Fabien Lusseau fabien26ubuntu at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 15:32:49 UTC 2010

OSS is NOT depreciated ! It an absurdity ! OSS3 is depreciated ! OSS4 is
maintained and ALSA OSS emulation is not depreciated (no mention of that
in the kernel documentation).

OSS is still used in a lot of Unix like, FreeBSD for exemple, and OSS
API emulation is one of the most important part of the interoperability
inside free software desktop solutions !

I know that pulseaudio can be an common intermediate between every sound
API, but pulseaudio is not perfectly compatible with OSS API and it
seems that OSS in pulseaudio is depreciated too ! We are in a dead end !

Like I said before, we have to work on OSSp integration or ALSA OSS
emulation in a separate package, and before that append, we NEED alsa
oss in the main kernel because it is the only way now to get it working

It don't know how to say that in english clearly but you are making
things in disorder ... Or I don't know how to say that, but you need the
replacement before dropping a good functioning (but not perfect) feature

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