[Bug 417570] Re: hard disk is really hot

SolidSlash solidslash at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 12:13:45 UTC 2010

I'm experiencing similar behavior on my up-to-date Maverick installation.
I suppose it is because of the aggressive default APM / AAM setting ( =254 ) which does a fine job on the load_cycle_count rising issue but obviously makes the HDD run really hot.
FYI, on Windows 7 I have set APM = 231 and AAM = 128 and the hdd doesn't get hot ( about 41 C comparing to 50 C on Ubuntu with APM = 254 ) and surprisingly there's NO load_cycle_count rising problem. The disk simply doesn't click at all. While on Ubuntu, if I lower the APM and AAM values ( 231 & 128 - just like on Windows ), the hdd gets indeed cooler but there comes the load_cycle_count issue - it raises about 1 point every minute. Now this is quite dangerous.
So, until the described behavior is fixed, I'm staying on Windows. I don't want to brick my HDD.

hard disk is really hot
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