[Bug 333201] Re: Virtual machine soft lockup - CPU gets stuck for XX seconds

Bryan McLellan btm at loftninjas.org
Thu Jul 29 17:59:47 UTC 2010

10.04.01 Guests built on 9.10 hosts using vmbuilder=0.12.4-0ubuntu1
(from maverick, I had issues with 0.12.3-0ubuntu1, I see there is a
newer version in -proposed) still present soft lock ups. It's only one
type of server, and tends to not be purely CPU driven although the
guests with higher load do present much more often.

Has anyone tried this with a 10.04 (lucid) host or at least kvm=1:84
+dfsg-0ubuntu16+0.12.3+noroms+0ubuntu9 backported to 9.10 (karmic)?

I can't imagine it would be vmbuilder or JeOS, as the former is mostly a
convenience script around deb-bootstrap, libvirt, and such. The latter
shouldn't be able to have any essential packages missing because by way
of the way it is built, dependencies would be enforced. Thus toolchain
issues _should_ effect a greater number of people.

I'm going back to betting on KVM or the kernel. I'll try to narrow it
down more, as this is effecting my production systems gravely now.

Virtual machine soft lockup - CPU gets stuck for XX seconds
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