[Bug 584812] Re: uinput kernel module is not loaded automatically

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Wed Jul 28 06:24:35 UTC 2010

Hello Jeremy,

Jeremy Kerr [2010-07-28  2:37 -0000]:
> @Pitti - It's not really suitable to add a dependency to the bluetooth
> module, as the uinput device is required by userspace components of
> bluez, not the bluetooth kernel module. 


> We'd prefer not to build it in, as it's only required on some
> systems, and not required for boot.

But if we modprobe it in an init script, it's also loaded everywhere
on boot, but with much more overhead, so this seems worse to me?

> Adding it to the bluetooth init script would seem (to me) to be the most
> appropriate solution, and is done in other init scripts

cups is a major offender here, and its usage of modprobe is really EBW
(two of them should already autoload and need investigation, and the
third ought to go into /etc/modules).

> (as well as loading everything from /etc/modules). Or are we trying
> to move away from this?

We actually do, since these mean unconditional modprobe calls during
boot which just take time.

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uinput kernel module is not loaded automatically
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