[Bug 571059] Re: Installation changes system clock -Ubuntu 9.04/9.10

Salik Mahmud 571059 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Jul 19 15:38:51 UTC 2010

Hello All ! I had been facing same problem in Ubuntu 10 exactly as
described above and even changing the system clock and the windows clock
(in cases with dual boot mode winxp or win7 with Ubuntu)

After over a month of research I found out that The problem was not even
worth the research :)

Try This: Open the 1- Clock menu from Panel in your top right hand corner,
2- Edit your Time Zone and City Country etc. to the relevant city and country of yours
3- When you are done you see there is Calendar and below that you See a Heading  Locations  having EDIT button in its front
4- Below that you see a Weather map kinda thing and there you see a Dot starts blinking or atleast you see a dot there marking your longitudinal and latitudinal location, 

You gotta double click that dot to set the location you edited just now
as your home or otherwise at the bottom of this Calendar / Clock Window
you see an Analog Clock  and a Home Button infront of it, which will
take the shape of HOME ICON as you usually see in Mozilla Browser for

When you see that icon on the right and your city name on the left
beside the analog clock it means you are done.

If this solves your problem as it did mine then I would say its not a
Bug it was just that we could not understand the Complex way that Ubuntu
Deals the time in and thus giving us a tough time :)

Please ignore any spelling mistakes as I am using these weather and
geography words / terms after some 20 years when I used to be in 6th
Grade of school:P


Installation changes system clock -Ubuntu 9.04/9.10
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