[Bug 541862] Re: Random freezes (karmic)

tonybaldwin 541862 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sat Jul 17 05:50:29 UTC 2010

I get random freezes on an everex cloudbook with karmic. (1.2ghz amd, 512mb ram, swap is default from clean install, whatever that is).
Sometimes I can be up and running for hours, doing cpu heavy stuff (google chrome with multiple tabs, last.fm player, terminal, synaptic all going), then is suddenly freezes.
Other times, I can be doing relatively nothing (surfing file system with cd in terminal, perusing applications menu), or even doing nothing at all, and it just freezes.
Now, by "freeze", I mean the system no longer responds to anything I do, any input from mouse (touchpad) or keyboard.
Oddly, it will continue to be doing stuff (still playing music I can hear, for instance, or once I had the gnome-system-monitor running, and could sit here and watch the cpu/mem/swap graphs moving, but could not illicit any response via keyboard or mouse).
Sometimes the machine fails even to respond to holding the power button, so the only way I can shut it down is to yank the power chord and battery.
I don't believe this is a hardware issue, since it did not do this with hardy herron.
I have disabled compiz, ubuntuone, maximus, and a whole lot of other unnecessary garbage.
Really, considering I needn't even be doing anything, this doesn't seem related to resource use levels, anyway.
Currently, the little machine has xubuntu-desktop (all ubuntu-netbook-remix crap removed), but it was doing the same with the ubr/gnome interface, anyway.  I thought xfce, removal of maximum, ubuntuone, etc., might lighten the load and resolve, but no.
I added "acpi=off" to my kernel line in grub2, having read that doing so might resolve, but, still no joy.
It can and will lock up in an xterm only session, even (no wm or de), even, for instance, by pressing ctrl-mod-f1 during boot to get a root prompt.
I am unable to identify any pattern/cause for the freezes.
I'm a bit lost.
The same machine had the same (and worse) issues with lucid, so I backpedaled to karmic, but still freezing.
Like I mentioned, no such issues running hardy herron.

Random freezes (karmic)
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