[Bug 558395] Re: vga_switcheroo sony-vaio-z-series

Adam Hill 558395 at bugs.launchpad.net
Mon Jul 12 14:34:26 UTC 2010

I have the same problem ( on a VPC Z12 ) but unlike others I can find no
way to get the Intel card working - though this may be because I have
kept the fake raid 0 set up and am dual booting with Windows 7, and so
booting without using grub 2 seems impossible. However, I have tried
booting the live DVD in "rescue mode," and then inserting the i915
module from a root shell in the raid 0 device, and this too results in a
black screen... which is even more odd because booting the live DVD
normally results in working graphics with the i915 and Intel drivers
being used. So, there is something different happening when the live DVD
starts the modules/X-server which is not necessarily down to the boot

I also found the modified sony-laptop driver, sony-laptop-
zseries-0.9np7, and by changing the first line in the "sony_ovga_dsm"
function to 'static char *path = "\\_SB.PCI0.GFX0._DSM";', I can get the
stamina/speed lights to light as appropriate when I echo to
/sys/devices/platform/sony-laptop/speed* ( can't remember the exact
name! ) and power consumption drops when switching to stamina mode, BUT
the blank screen still happens.

If I boot normally and then load the i915 module with "modeset=0", the
blank screen does not happen, but when I start the X server I get a
kernel panic.

Looking for any clues as to where to go next with this - I can use the
machine with the NVidia card/drivers but ideally I'd like to use the
Intel card and disable the NVidia one ( without modifying the BIOS that
is! )

vga_switcheroo sony-vaio-z-series
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