[Bug 531240] Re: silently breaking raid: root raid_members opened as luks

ceg 531240 at bugs.launchpad.net
Fri Jul 9 13:45:59 UTC 2010

Just booted a 10.04 machine with "root on lvm on on luks on raid" with
an incomplete array.

It failed to degrade the array and boot of course because the  mdadm
package is broken and unmaintained since years in ubuntu, but what is
relevant here is the cryptsetup prompt that showed before failing
instead of asking for the password:

cryptsetup: lvm device name (/dev/disk/by-uuid/...) does not begin with

Boy, that was close! Seems like cryptsetup was about to open a root raid_member a luks.
I am glad somebody introduced at least that check and it was able prevented breaking the raid array,
despite you guys denying that cryptsetup checks would be relevant.

Yet, this shows there is still a fundamental problem with detecting
raid_members as devices they contain in the long term stable bug

silently breaking raid: root raid_members opened as luks
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