[Bug 153425] Re: (Multiseat) screen shifts when /dev/console written to

Rob Donovan 153425 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Jul 7 19:23:15 UTC 2010

I'm seeing much the same right shifting of the console while running a
serial console.  System is Dell T110 PowerEdge, running Ubuntu 10.04
Lucid.  Serial Console is running on windows with the same results using
either a mintty windows or a Cygwin X xterm window.  It mostly seems to
affect shutdown messages rather than boot messages, and, as far as I can
figure out it's related to shutdown messages generated using echo -n.
When the "newline" finally comes it causes a line feed but not a
carriage return.  The text gradually shifts right making some of it
unreadable.  I'm not sure this is the same problem you're seeing, but it
sounds very similar.

(Multiseat) screen shifts when /dev/console written to
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