[Bug 432670] Re: regression in karmic thermal control

Mark mark at wege.eu
Sun Jan 17 15:03:53 UTC 2010

I have made some progress with (K)Ubuntu. Unfortunately I do not know what exactly did the trick. First of all I noticed that the cpu-temperature drops significantly (15-20 degrees) when I detach the battery. Then I also did some updates and activated Thinkpad fan control as it is described here: 
I did this, after I read in a forum that Thinkpad-fan-control is disabled in Karmic. I just set is to automatic.
The result: No sudden shut downs the last day. But: The fan is on, most of the time, even though is appears that the behaviour has changed. The temperature sometimes still goes up pretty high, nearly 90 degrees, which is near to the 97, where I experienced the shut downs. Most of the time it is significantly lower, around 60, which I consider kind of normal. Detaching the battery keeps the temperature below 80 degrees.
That is progress at least, although the fan noise has definitely increased since Jaunty. I hope this will be fixed. Sorry that I can not exactly tell what do the trick. But may be others can find out more.

regression in karmic thermal control
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