[Bug 228302] Re: [HARDY-KARMIC] No DMA nor 32bits IO support

Canada Lee lee_howard at consultant.com
Sat Feb 27 00:57:27 UTC 2010

Hello, I am a n00b here with Linux, I have been a Windows user since Win
3.1.  I have tried red-hat back in 94 and it required a floppy boot disk
everytime to boot into Linux, and was heavy with the terminal commands.

Anyways, I dont know how to supply detailed info like other have in
their replies, I wouldnt know if I need to download any of the terminal
commands they used like UNAME or whatever.

Here's what I know...

Fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic from the Live CD (not the alternate one)...with the regular updates which happen by themselves.

My drives are in 16-bit IO transfer without DMA enabled.

I have a Gigabyte Motherboard (one of the latest ones), and I have a
SATA HDD and DVD-RW drive.

And my drives are operating super slow...copying 8gb of files (approx 9
or 10 files) from 1 partition to another partition on the same HDD took
over 1 hour and 30 mins!!!  USB flash drives are slow too!

I get that loct error when trying to enable 32-bit IO and/or DMA.

My memory runs at 1800mhz in windows...(prob not in ubuntu) and my
motherboard has the high speed SATA-II support with the advanced power
savings features where is throttles not only the CPU freq, but also the
power phase...(definitely not in ubuntu), but sadly the 400gb HDD is not

But I'll tell you a secret...  It should be doing Ultra DMA mode 5 or 6
and blazing fast, and it shouldnt be doing 16-bit IO either!

I remember having an 80486DX4 100MHz computer and the HDD back then was
using 32-bit IO.

If anyone wants me to supply some detailed info, just tell me how to do
it and where to find the software to do it, and it will be done.

I am amazed tho, in this day an age, and looking at how long this bug
has been in existence (this post alone is 2 years and running)...  I am
seeing a pattern...and that pattern is, a new version of Ubuntu will be
made...then another one...and so on, then in time a 128-bit Ubuntu
Operating System will come out...  They'll keep pumping out the
Operating Systems, versions...but not fix the previous one...

Imagine how good is that, a 128-bit Ubuntu Operating System, via a
16-bit IO transfer!  When they come out with 64-bit IO transfer, we'll
be at 32-bit...(maybe...hopefully), and when they come out with 128-bit
IO transfer, we'll be at 32-bit (maybe...hopefully).  But hey...we'll
have loads of new releases of Ubuntu all at 16-bit IO in the meantime.

Its a shame, a friend told me about ubuntu, and I thought I'd try it
out, see if it got more like a GUI OS as opposed to that red-hat 94 one
I had, and was well impressed with it.

Just drive access like a Commodore Amiga is all...

In the meantime I dual boot into Windows (thank god I kept my Windows)
if I wanna copy files around, or burn disks...  I can't wait 1 hour and
30 mins for something that takes 15 mins or less in Windows.

Hope a solution to this will be found in the next 2 years!

[HARDY-KARMIC] No DMA nor 32bits IO support
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