[Bug 432670] Re: regression in karmic thermal control

Mikkel Munch Mortensen 3xm at detfalskested.dk
Mon Feb 22 11:59:05 UTC 2010

I've pushed Ubuntu to a friend, but after upgrading her laptop to Karmic
she has been experiencing this too.

The fan is working at full speed and the CPU is getting very hot. The
result is that, after a while, when the CPU temperature reaches
somewhere above 90 degrees celcius, the system "freezes" (I can't help
thinking that's a bad word for something actually related to
overheating). Then, after a forced shutdown (holding down the power
button), it needs to cool down for a while before we're able to turn it
on again.

As a temporary workaround I've told her to blow into the heatsink hole
for a while, to lower the temperature when it's getting close to the
critical point.

Removing the battery doesn't seem to make any difference.

It's an Acer Aspire-something. I don't remember the specs, but if I can
be of any help, please tell me what you need to know.

regression in karmic thermal control
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