[Bug 414560] Re: ath9k disassociates/reassociates a lot

Emily Cartier elacartier at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 15:20:59 UTC 2009

I have a fresh install of 9.10 UNR on an Asus EEE pc 1000HE with an
ath9k wireless driver. I've been using 9.04 xubuntu via a wubi install
to get comfortable and dodge the OpenGL battery eating bug (looks like
9.10 fixed!). Under 9.04, my wireless connection was typically under 50%
signal strength, but it was stable and worked fine for irc, forum
posting and watching YouTube vids. The machine would suspend and resume,
and it would take 3 or more to get the network to an unstable state.
Since that's pretty comparable to this machine's Windows uptimes, I was

Under 9.10 as released, I get no suspends. After a single suspend, the
wireless connection will work for perhaps 30s, and then it fails. I'm
not even able to get into my router. If I disconnect and reconnect, I
will get another 30s or so of connection. Then no more router. If it
helps, the router is a WRT160N, and I'm usually connected via 802.11n
using WPA2 Personal with passphrase authentication. I have an identical
1000HE available that only runs Windows, so it's easy to do simultaneous
comparisons (not looks identical, I've confirmed that all internals
really are the same hardware).

It looks to me like what I'm experiencing is this bug making it into the
live release. What logfiles or data would help confirm this? I don't
want to start applying fixes at random without confirming that I have an
actual bug, not a case of the software is configured wrong.

ath9k disassociates/reassociates a lot
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