[Bug 396286] Re: [Geode LX] [OLPC] 2.6.31-generic: kernel panic near the end of initramfs

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Fri Oct 30 13:25:42 UTC 2009

Somehow those results do not make really sense. In v4, the init code is back to the place it was before and the only difference between the code that results in corrupted pointers and this one (which does not show any corruptions at all), is that there were a few more calls for validating the pointers after the init function supposedly set the right values.
Now this really brings up the question what the heck is going on there. It happens without SMP, so this would rule out the option of a race condition. The same code works on different hardware (I run it without any problems). And running the same procedure on the Geode seems to produce different results by changing the codepath a bit, even without really changing the effective way things are done. I wonder whether the v5 if added (which does only a limited number of checks and no function call to do the check) does bring back the failure warnings or still runs without any output. Could you do, yet another, run and post the dmesg?

[Geode LX] [OLPC] 2.6.31-generic: kernel panic near the end of initramfs
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