[Bug 207473] Re: Screen brightness double level changes on Dell laptops

afunix afunix at hing.rednet.ru
Fri Oct 30 05:32:12 UTC 2009

OMG, fresh karmic kubuntu clean install on Dell Inspiron 1520, and bug is still here:
$ lshal -m

Start monitoring devicelist:
08:27:42.662: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition ButtonPressed = brightness-up
08:27:42.676: computer_logicaldev_input condition ButtonPressed = brightness-up
08:27:44.339: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition ButtonPressed = brightness-down
08:27:44.352: computer_logicaldev_input condition ButtonPressed = brightness-down
08:27:46.348: platform_i8042_i8042_KBD_port_logicaldev_input condition ButtonPressed = brightness-up
08:27:46.348: computer_logicaldev_input condition ButtonPressed = brightness-up

There were single brightness-up and single brightness-down pressed.
The bug is 1.5 years old. Is it going to be fixed someday?

Screen brightness double level changes on Dell laptops
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