[Bug 404626] Re: Turning wifi "off" using Fn+F2 on Eee PC with Ralink rt2860 results in kernel panic (rfkill)

MrAuer mr_auer at welho.net
Mon Oct 26 06:37:19 UTC 2009

Confirm on Eee pc 901 with Karmic Release Candidate. (Its been that way
since Jaunty unless one installed some scripts to fix it, like Fewts
addons for the Eee from Statux)

See here for Statux's Fewts (angry) comments on this issue (he stopped maintaining the Eee pc addons due to this issue among others) -

"Every time something in the OS changes, Eee PC Utils gets the blame for
"breaking" people's computers even though whatever I release typically
doesn't even alter the code being reported. Even though I've published
work-around after work-around on the Wiki for Linux bugs like the famous
bluetooth bug in 2.6.28, the WIFI hotplug bug (pciehp force), or linking
to the fix for the Intel video driver bugs, its still considered my
fault in the eyes of the users when the screen won't turn off and on
(xrandr reports a protocol error that it didn't a few weeks ago) or
their WIFI won't come on after they turn it off (because the kernel
pciehp module is broken).

Now that Karmic is coming Eee users are looking forward to having 2
Radio Kill devices for Bluetooth, and 2 for WIFI. Yes, this is in a
production released kernel, yes, the interfaces are provided by
different modules (eeepc-laptop exposes them as do the driver modules),
yes their naming and function is of course not named using a reasonably
grep-able syntax, and yes they do actually work differently somehow."
(theres more but see the link, he complains a bit in addition to
discussing the issue ;) )

Please, please fix this urgently!
This is a real showstopper and it should not be too hard to fix.
Most other things seemed to work ok on Karmic RC as of yesterday, but as long as there are bugs that cause my laptop to totally hang, I cannot upgrade to it. As is known, Jaunty also has its share of bugs on Eee pcs, so I would very much like to get an usable Ubuntu on it - I for one have been hopefully waiting for Karmic to finally work flawlessly on my Eees.

I for one need to be able to switch off the wlan, since I also use a 3g
modem where wlan is not available. It is not very cool to have your
machine hang, reboot and only then be able to use 3g without wlan
drawing extra power.

Turning wifi "off" using Fn+F2 on Eee PC with Ralink rt2860 results in kernel panic (rfkill)
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