[Bug 397096] Re: ata exception and hang when booting, at T=n.81606 s

Mikael Bergqvist mikaels.mail at telia.com
Sat Oct 10 10:53:54 UTC 2009

Tormod, In any case, without hdparm, no symptoms for over 18 hours. Left
the laptop on overnight just to see. Normally the locking and freezing
would have occured regularly for me, with a period of something like 10
minutes, maybe less.

Suspend/resume shouldn't have been involved, since I was working with the laptop (trying at least) all the time.
Unplugging of AC did not occur either.
Might it be that the system is restarting something else? that triggers the same behaviour?

I will reboot with the logging wrapper and see what happens. Will put
the periodicity of freezes here if it is of any interest, and will be
glad to run any other tests that might shed light on the phenomenon.

ata exception and hang when booting, at T=n.81606 s
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