[Bug 27287] Re: external firewire sbp2 login timeout

Stefan Richter stefan-r-ubz at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Sun Oct 4 09:03:02 UTC 2009


the failure mode which you are reporting is different.
  a) The other reporters got a login timeout i.e. no login response.  You get a login failure i.e. an error response.
  b) The problem reported by the others seemed to be generic, while I suspect your problem to be specific to the disk enclosure which you are using.


According to the vendor OUI of the device, it is from Data Robotics,
i.e. a Drobo or a DroboPro.  Which one is it?  How much disk capacity is
in it (how many disks of what size, and how much of it is usable
according to Data Robotics' size calculator)?

Your log in comment 20 shows that one logical unit of 2.19 TB/ 1.99 TiB
size was detected and should be fully functional (in the session you
logged: /dev/sdb as the block device, with a single partition on it:

Furthermore, the log shows that two further logical units on this device
were detected, but the sbp2 driver got an error status when it attempted
to log in into these two logical units.  Should your Drobo or DroboPro
expose three logical units?

What do you get when you connect it via USB?
Are you able to test it with Windows or OS X?
Is a current firmware installed on the Drobo or DroboPro?


As far as I have read, Drobo and DroboPro will divide their total
available disk space --- minus space required for redundancy etc. ---
into logical units whose size can be configured with Data Robotics'
dashboard application for Windows and OS X, or with the community-
maintained drobo-utils for Linux.  The default size of the logical units
is 2 TiB (or TB?).

(As a side note:  If you want to use logical units bigger than 2.0 TiB
over FireWire, you need a recent FireWire kernel driver update, released
in the kernel.org versions 2.6.31,, and
http://ieee1394.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Release_Notes .  Without this
driver update, FireWire disks larger than 2.0 TiB will be shown as
merely 2.0 TiB sized.  This is _not_ related to the login failures to
your 2nd and 3rd logical unit though.)

external firewire sbp2 login timeout
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