[Bug 305301] Re: [RC410] Xpress 200M hangs when resuming from suspend with DRI (needs KMS)

Tormod Volden bugpost.tormod at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 18:20:43 UTC 2009

gene, your e-mail address is not exposed, unless some people answer to
the bug mail instead of posting comments via the web interface (please
use the web interface) and quotes your e-mail and includes your e-mail
address (please never quote mail if you absolutely have to use mail
instead of web). In all cases, the web interface will try to hide all
e-mail addresses from people who are not logged into launchpad.

subchee, you in particular should stop quoting everybody. It also makes
the report long and unreadable.

gene, I915 is only for Intel cards. Your kernel is probably built with
KMS support, you just need to enable it as explained in the wiki. You
will see your text console getting small fonts, and loads of drm
messages about resolution settings etc in dmesg.

flashog, we hope this will be solved in time for Ubuntu 10.04.

[RC410] Xpress 200M hangs when resuming from suspend with DRI (needs KMS)
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