[Bug 446146] Re: Several Huawei USB dongle don't work with kernel 2.6.31-12.40 ( update related)

tiger99 tiger at sardius.force9.co.uk
Mon Nov 9 01:02:40 UTC 2009

I would suggest that the kernel is probably now fixed, but a number of
people are still having trouble with Network Manager.

My recommendation is to install wicd, which will uninstall NM, to see if
that fixes it. You can always reverse it later.

Also, use Vodafone Mobile Connect,
https://forge.betavine.net/frs/?group_id=12. It does actually work with
any ISP, not just Vodafone. It has the big advantage of providing a
usage monitor, amongst other things. If it seems not to work, be aware
that it sometimes pops up its initial configuration window behind the
main one, and once you find it, there should not be any problem setting
it up. You will need your PIN of course, typically 0000.

You would need to install ozerocdoff, usb-modeswitch and then vodafone-
mobile-connect (try the latest svn version). The debs will install
singly with Gdebi, but whatever package manager you use will offer to
update usb-modeswitch to a later version, which seems to be ok to allow.

I am thinking that if sufficient people try this, it should help to
locate the source of the remaining problems, and/or get those people
working again, even if it is only a temporary fix. It works for me, or I
would not suggest it.

Several Huawei USB dongle don't work with kernel 2.6.31-12.40 ( update related)
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