[Bug 294123] Re: 2.6.27 SATA drives not accessible at boot time, 2.6.24 working

Lord_Alba lupo.alberto75 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 23:16:32 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I have the same problem on a Dell Inspiron 6400 with an Intel SATA
controller 82801G (ICH7 Family) on a Seagate SATA Disk ST96812AS.

i'm gonna write here my experience, hoping that this can help having
this bad bug solved as soon as possible

yesterday i executed the dist-upgrade from kubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 (last
time i installed kubuntu from the install cd was more than 2 yrs ago)

upgrade ran fine till kernel install, then failed and adviced me to revert to 9.04
i just did a reboot, system wss still funcioning but had lost sound card, touchpad was not working, and was extremly slow

moreover, kde notified me with a lot of broked dependencies.

in any case, i rebooted another time (now using the new 2.6.31 - i had to manually edit menu.lst and insert the new kern entries), and system 
was more or less usable again.

quite annoyed by this problems, i decided to do a fresly brand new kubuntu 9.10 install.
downloaded the i386 plain version, but it could not see the disk.
so i tried out the alternate cd, but again no joy.
also with knoppix (ver 6, using 2.6.28) disk cannot be seen by livecd.

with the kubuntu alternate cd i tried to: (list not complete)

1) append rootdelay=90 at kernel boot
2) append libata.force=1:norst,2:norst,3:norst,4:norst at kernel boot
3) append ata_piix.blacklist=yes
4) disable acpi ecc, as F6 suggest

tried also to manually insmod more different drivers, analize and compare (through multiple reboots) between kubuntu installed and seeing my harddisk and all the livecds which cannot see  it (or better, in /dev/.udev/link there is a reference to the device, but cannot made it useful)
... tried to understand how udev works, googled a lot in multiple directions ... but nothing :(


i'm a linux enthusiast, and for sure this won't make me decide to change to winz ... but how can u think a plain user can react to such a problem?
i don't think this is a great adv for our beloved kern+OS :(
i was quite angry wasting my sat trying to solve a problem caused by a supposed supersecure upgrade (blame on kubuntu), then i started thinking that linux is wonderful, but it would be better if it won't lose time with "strange" arch, giving some more love to the longlasting i386 bugs (blame on linux) ... 


... finally i decided to write in launchpad and report this bug (i never
do it, blame on me!)


2.6.27 SATA drives not accessible at boot time, 2.6.24 working
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