[Bug 359480] [NEW] Alps touchpad and keyboard does not respond

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Sat May 9 04:51:09 UTC 2009

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On Dell Vostro 1310 Alps touchpad and keyboard does not respond after a
cold boot. I can't log when gdm starts because i can't move my pointer
with touchpad nor i can type my username or password because keyboard
does not respond. After restarting (with external mouse) keyboard and
touchpad works just fine. I think the problem is in initrd and this is
how I narrowed the problem:

1. I've downloaded source from www.kernel.org and compiled it
(i've removed support for elantech touchpad through ps2mouse module just
in case) but the problem remained.

2. I've removed gdm from /etc/rc2.d to boot jaunty directly to terminal
and problem remained, i couldn't log on to system because my keyboard
failed as usual.

3. synaptics_resume_reset from dmesg made me believe that maybe resuming
from initrd may caused a problem in synaptics kernel module so i've
commented it out from menu.lst and problem was solved.

In both 2.6.28-11-generic and when i disable loading the
initrd.img my keyboard and touchpad works perfectly on every cold boot.

I am using:

Description:	Ubuntu jaunty (development branch)
Release:	9.04

Linux vostro #1 SMP Sat Apr 11 02:04:16 CEST 2009 x86_64
GNU/Linux (I am currently logged on my custom kernel but i have also
2.6.28-11-generic, it does not make any difference, problem is solved in
the same way with both kernels)

I would really appreciate if someone from the development team could
check on this problem because i would like to have initrd.img loaded (i
don't know if i can suspend/hibernate my laptop without initrd.img) and
there are many Dell laptops with Alps touchpad's and this is a really
big issue for me...

I send you dmesg as an attachment...

** Affects: initramfs-tools (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Alps touchpad and keyboard does not respond
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