[Bug 272247] Re: System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down

nitto nitto at simail.it
Thu Mar 26 07:56:57 UTC 2009

Hi Polygon,
you need to open the .dsl file with an text editor and fix the file by yourself. Maybe you can get a fixed file for your system in one of the website linked in the article but basically you need to fix it by yourself.
It seems difficult but not so much. Search for solution to your specific errors on google and in the links present in the article.

After fixed, the errors start decreasing and maybe you can run iasl without crashes.
Regarding the TJ commands, I got the same error and I edited the file manually once created, I did like this:

sudo apt-get install dmidecode
(on a not corrected environment)
sudo cat /proc/acpi/dsdt | cat - >ORIGINAL.aml
sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name
sudo dmidecode -s bios-version
I copied and pasted the last two results in the ORIGINAL.aml file name
gzip <your_details>-ORIGINAL.aml

For the custom DSDT it only needs:

gzip </etc/initramfs-tools/DSDT.aml >CUSTOM.aml.gz
then rename the file as before

I hope it's more clear now.

System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down
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