[Bug 152885] Re: USB unknown partition table

zcat zcat at wired.net.nz
Sun Mar 22 20:41:57 UTC 2009

> Looking at the changes between v2.6.21 and v2.6.27 I see this. It may
> explain why v2.6.21 works and Intrepid (v2.6.27) doesn't:

Just to clarify; My mpx player is still working 'acceptably' in Hardy,
Intrepid and the Jaunty beta. That is to say it appears on the desktop
and opens automatically and I can transfer files in both directions.

Vast numbers of IO errors and retries show up in the logs,
occasionally it disconnects itself, and file transfers are much slower
than for other players and USB devices. However the player performs
just as poorly under Windows, so I've concluded that this is a result
of bad design in the player and it's probably not possible to make it
work any better than it currently does.

I consider the bug 'fixed'

USB unknown partition table
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