[Bug 300693] Re: Thinkpad T61p hardlock flashing caps lock

LinuxLars lwilson at casadelnorte.net
Mon Mar 16 14:56:33 UTC 2009

** Description changed:

  Since upgrading to Intrepid (8.10), I've noticed an apparent increase in
  system lockups.  In each case the screen freezes and the caps lock
  indicator is flashing.
  I've seen a few other reports indicating similar problems and most seem
  to have some relation to the use of wireless.  This system is normally
  connected only via wireless.  There doesn't seem to be any pattern to
  when the system will or won't lockup.  Sometimes I'm able to go a few
  days, sometimes only an hour (or less).
  Checked /var/log/kern.log.0 for any useful information, I didn't find
  any, but will attach the logs just incase.
+ This has not been resolved as of jaunty alpha 6 release.

Thinkpad T61p hardlock flashing caps lock
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