[Bug 231534] Re: Hardy x64 on AMD Turion not CPU scaling properly

David Gaarenstroom david.gaarenstroom at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 09:07:21 UTC 2009

The Acer Aspire 3000WLCi doesn't seem to come with a Turion ML37, but
with a Sempron. Perhaps that's why your BIOS doesn't support it
properly? What BIOS version are you using, version "3A32"? Perhaps you
can try the "Vista" BIOS as well.

Either PSB or _PSS is required to be present in your BIOS information
for Linux frequency scaling to work (if it isn't defined in another
way). I just meant that Windows 2000 won't work either if neither are
present in your BIOS (ACPI) information.

The Aspire 30xx and Aspire 50xx indeed seem to be alike (and I know for
certain 302x and 502x are in fact identical) and there may be a Ferrari
notebook that is identical as well, except for its casing. However, I
wouldn't know which one is. But the Ferrari's are better and longer

At tuxmobile.org no-one mentions any difficulty with the frequency-
scaling of this notebook. Have you tried other Linux distributions/live-
CD's? I suspect the Turion is just not supported by the BIOS.

Hardy x64 on AMD Turion not CPU scaling properly
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