[Bug 311732] Re: 2.6.28-4 breaks thinkfinger

Tom Jaeger ThJaeger at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 23:06:23 UTC 2009

I just realized that this bug is still present on jaunty.  The patch
attached to the kernel bug tracker fixes the issue, so I've updated the
package to fix this and a few other issues.  I'm attaching a .diff.gz
instead of a .debdiff since -ubuntu3 contains lots of junk.  The package
is also available in my PPA:



  [Thomas Jaeger]
  * Fix breakage when running on 2.8.28 kernel (LP: #311732)
  * Fix typo in README.Debian (LP: #243339)

  [Jon Oberheide]
  * Use a workaround to convince HAL to treat virtual thinkfinger device as a
    keyboard (LP: #256429)
  * Revert r116 to avoid extra CR being sent.

** Attachment added: "thinkfinger_0.3+r118-0ubuntu4.diff.gz"

2.6.28-4 breaks thinkfinger
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