[Bug 279102] Re: Unreliable network connection with B44 driver

Gerg gergely.salamon at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 10:41:53 UTC 2009

Ok, I did, but negative. It went to sleep mode and came back (without
the VGA, it remained in sleep mode!).

I started to copy some 60 GB data (mainly MP3s) from the server to my
Windows 7 RC PC (Gigabit network, D-Link DIR-655 router) and it seemed
good for some 15 minutes, but then just started it again (see attached
"messages" from /var/log). I am listening to some of the same MP3s for
hours now through the network on my Popcorn Hour, no problem.

It is a fresh install on an OZC 30 GB SSD (SATA), data are stored on a
separate 1TB Samsung SATA HDD. Just for the record, previously I used a
16GB OZC Turbo USB drive for the system, it was upgraded from 8.10 to
9.04 and the situation was much worse, the Ethernet hung up after a few
second on heavy traffic and it took minutes to came back. With the
current setup it comes back rather quickly (in seconds sometimes).

I will go for the other driver (r8168) to see what happens.

** Attachment added: "/var/log/messages"

Unreliable network connection with B44 driver
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