[Bug 305301] Re: [RC410] Xpress 200M hangs when resuming from suspend with DRI

jetdog slicksterdave at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 13 11:09:31 UTC 2009

Hey all... just a tip:

* The fglrx driver works amazing currently. Make sure you use the
version that still includes support for the xpress 200m - I have been
using it for two years and it works wounders. (Also, this will likely be
your last chance to experience aiglx with opengl 3.0 - since >= 2.6.29
is no longer supported on R200-R500 series ati cards via their
proprietary driver - meaning this october you will be stuck with the
radeon driver once again).

The proprietary driver had no suspend issues, with catalyst 9.3 (last
support ever for < 2.6.29 (i.e. THIS version of ubuntu)) - and had
amazing 3d support. Remember to use the aticonfig tool on a fresh
Xorg.conf if you were to try and get this driver working.

(Information for x11-drivers/xf86-video-ati, version 6.12.2 - on

I'm actually having problems with suspend on the x200m card too (only
with radeon driver) - Although, on my gentoo system with the above
versions, the system doesn't hang, but instead I get a friendly dialog
from gnome indicating that the suspend failed. This kind of bug tends to
lie within xorg's domain, which is difficult support to get here on
launchpad, on a hardware-specific basis, without going right to xorg.


The above link contains some documentation and support-related links for
the radeon driver. Currently, on their website, it says the the status
of an R400-series's suspend ability is 'unknown'. A quick google
indicates that all versions of the X200, including intel, amd, and
mobile variants, are R400-series cards. If I get any further, I'll be
sure to let you know.

Uploaded, is my Xorg.conf for the radeon driver. Again this is =NOT= an
ubuntu version, but I would suggest that if you're trying to get
somewhere with crash-related issues, that you try and tweak based on the
information I have (or have not) put in there.

Please be aware that the radeon driver is actually pretty good at
guessing most defaults (as evident by how much I have left out)

Also, good news: apparently, there are some improvements coming for this
driver, with the arrival of 2.6.31, according to phronix.

** Attachment added: "NON-debian/ubuntu Xorg - careful when using this."

[RC410] Xpress 200M hangs when resuming from suspend with DRI
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