[Bug 200509] Re: iwl4965: Microcode SW error detected. Restarting 0x2000000

Richard Fuchs dfx at dfx.at
Fri Jul 31 14:33:51 UTC 2009

Add me to that list. I've had problems with the iwl4965 on my HP laptop
ever since I got it.  Since then I went through various
kernel/driver/firmware combinations, but all with the same result:
eventually I would get a microcode error and would lose all
connectivity. Sometimes unloading and reloading the module would get me
back online, sometimes I'd have to reboot, but sometimes not even that
would help. Then I could power off, unplug the laptop and even take the
battery out, the wireless would still not work and only give me
microcode errors. This has happened before and is also the current state
right now, with the driver from 2.6.30 and newest firmware. In the past
it always miraculously fixed itself, the wireless would work again after
an hour or so.

Unfortunately I can't give any new insight to this, as I have no idea
what's going on.

iwl4965: Microcode SW error detected.  Restarting 0x2000000
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