[Bug 349314] Re: Slow performance and tiling issues on i915

Bruno Girin brunogirin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 01:55:42 UTC 2009

OK, I can see what happened now. I had the 2.6.28-14 kernel from the
jaunty-proposed repository and it worked fine (including World of Goo).
Then I fired up Update Manager. As part of the update was a *-14 kernel
from the jaunty-updates repository. That *-14 kernel is not the same as
the *-14 kernel in jaunty-proposed and does not include the patch, thus
reverting to the original problem.

Can we do a *-15 kernel with that patch in and make sure it gets to
jaunty-updates one way or another and doesn't get clobbered again

So, to reproduce the issue that uncajesse and Chris N see:
1. make sure you have the -14 kernel from jaunty-proposed installed
2. remove jaunty-proposed from the sources
3. fire up Update Manager
4. update, including kernel -14

Expected result: no change, all works well

Actual result: the -14 kernel in jaunty-updates does NOT include the
patch that was in the -14 kernel in jaunty-proposed and the bug re-

Slow performance and tiling issues on i915
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