[Bug 147934] Re: caps lock light not working on macbook

AceLan Kao acelan at acelan.idv.tw
Wed Jul 1 14:04:53 UTC 2009

This issue is reported happened on macbook, but you're using compaq laptop, I think this is two different kind of problem.
It would be better that to create another new issue on the launchpad and not mixed with the mac platform. There will have nice guys willing to help you :-)

And for the mac user suffering with the mouseemu, I just have a short
talk with the guy who responsible for the installer and he say he can't
remove this package from default installer, because there are some other
users use might mouse needs this package to have right mouse button. So,
there is no good solution right now, if you have any good idea, please
give us a hint, thank you very much.

caps lock light not working on macbook
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