[Bug 82368] Re: Usb keyboard doesn't work at log on

Deborah K. Mathews deborah.kest.mathews at verizon.net
Sun Jan 18 16:26:10 UTC 2009

I was on Hardy Heron AMD64, and didn't have this problem.  Then I
upgraded to Intrepid Ibex AMD64, and had different issues which resulted
in my installing Hardy Heron AMD64 in a separate partition.  (And
because of those other issues Hardy is my default system.)  I don't have
this problem when I boot into Intrepid Ibex, but now I have it when I
boot into Hardy Heron.  I've got a Microsoft USB keyboard which is
plugged into the back of my computer, so I never tried unplugging and
replugging it, but instead I've restarted the computer.  (I haven't lost
the mouse, so am able to choose the restart option.)  Almost all of the
time when I restart the keyboard works.

When I start up the computer in the morning the lights on the keyboard
are on until after the grub screen where I choose my operating system.
(It doesn't matter whether I choose Hardy or it defaults to it.)  The
lights go off during the boot-up.  However, when I restart it, and it
goes through the same motions, the lights usually don't go off.

Usb keyboard doesn't work at log on
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