[Bug 300693] Re: Thinkpad T61p hardlock flashing caps lock

Aavery aavery.mundt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 18:00:52 UTC 2009

I have had this problem ever since a fresh install of 8.10 I'm using an
asus m70vm-c1 with dual hard drives vista on first hardrive ubuntu on
the second.  every third or fourth boot it fails completely and the caps
lock indicator blinks,  the logs show continues failed initilization of
iwglan   the wireless card is an intel 5100 agn.  This has been keeping
me from using ubuntu as it's such an ungodly hassle.  I've had numerous
boot related issues with this install. A solution to this problem would
be HUGE.

I've never had it crash on me after it's booted but the wireless card
often doesn't initialize properly after boot and I have to stop/start
network manager in order to get it up and working.  Once it works it
runs forever, seemingly I've had it on for more than 36 hours at a time.
standby doesn't work right either otherwise the up time would probably
be longer, for some reason it doesn't turn the back light on the screen
on again after going into standby mode.

Thinkpad T61p hardlock flashing caps lock
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