[Bug 34155] Re: Suspend-To-Ram (S3) doesn't work on Dell Latitude C640

Ben Aultowski talkingwires at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 12:37:25 UTC 2009

@Launchpad Janitor: Good to know that top men are working on this. TOP
MEN. Oh, wait, you're just a robot and the developers have pretty much
ignored this bug for three years now. On a related note, I now have two
of these machines (Military surplus), and the second one came with
Windows 2000 installed. I booted it up and closed the lid. A tear ran
down my cheek when I opened the lid and watched a ten year-old OS resume
from suspend.

@Leann Ogasawara: Jaunty Alpha 3 is scheduled to drop tomorrow. I'll
wait for that to be uploaded and report back.

Suspend-To-Ram (S3) doesn't work on Dell Latitude C640
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