[Bug 36596] Re: [Mobility M6 LY] System freeze with DefaultDepth 16

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Thu Feb 19 20:31:03 UTC 2009

Hi ed-ong,

Thanks for testing that, it rules out a common cause of these problems.
Sorry to have you keep testing stuff over and  over.  :-)  I think this
bug should have gone upstream long ago.  I'd like to do so now, but the
first thing is that they will wish you to re-test against a newer
version of the -ati driver.

I've uploaded the latest 6.11.0 driver to Jaunty the other day.  When
Alpha-5 comes out in a couple days, I would like to ask that you
download and re-test it one more time.  If you can reproduce the problem
then we should forward it upstream.

ISOs are available at http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/

I dug into the changelog and see that there has been a fix to your
chipset since the 6.9.0 release:

Date:   Fri Aug 8 15:50:07 2008 -0400

    Fix VT switching on M6 chips

    Some M6 chips have a faulty MEM_SIZE register that in
    some cases reports 0 on 8 MB cards.  On EnterVT we check
    the MEM_SIZE reg as a check to see if the card is posted or
    not.  Since this reg returns 0, the driver attempts to post
    the card which can lead to a hang.  Switch this to check if
    either crtc is active as is done in the bios init code.
    fixes bug http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13994

However, the symptoms of this bug differ from what is reported here so
I'm not entirely sure this fix would solve this freeze issue.  But I
think it would be helpful if you could re-test jaunty before we upstream
the bug.

In addition, can you run the command `lspci -vvnn > lspci-vvnn.txt` and
attach that output here?

[Mobility M6 LY] System freeze with DefaultDepth 16
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