[Bug 272247] Re: System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down

Jeff Burns admiraljkb at engineer.com
Wed Feb 18 16:09:29 UTC 2009

Further report confirming that as of Jaunty Alpha 3 (upgraded from Alpha
2 directly rather than from the liveCD) things are good for this bug on
my HP/Compaq F763NR laptop (with MCP67 rev a2 chipset).  Currently
running Alpha4 and it's still good, and the Alpha4 CD boots OK.   I'm
now at kernel 2.6.28-7, although as I write this, it's updating to
2.6.28-8... AND  2.6.28-8 just booted ok as well.  I'm pretty close to
upgrading my primary work partition from Intrepid to Jaunty primarily to
get rid of this annoyance.  If nothing else, it's a real headache when
explaining to doubtful buddies how Ubuntu Linux is absolutely ready for
General Purpose office usage, and then I had to hold a key down during
boot...   Generates serious eyerolls from them and some embarrassment
for me...  Perception is everything unfortunately, even if this is minor
bug it generates an immediate negative impression for newbs before the
desktop has even come up, and that colours the whole "out of box
experience".  I'm so glad to see it fixed for my hardware combination!

I've had good luck with kernels:

System freezes during boot, unless I hold a key down
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