[Bug 264789] Re: USB Hard Drive Not Accessible, vol_id hangs

Robert robrwo at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 22:50:46 UTC 2009

Actually, this "fix" makes it so that partitions mounted by volume id in 
/etc/fstab aren't mountable.

On 16/02/09 17:18 Robert Rothenberg wrote:
> This also works with my Sony Ericsson W800i.
> I also note that this fix works on Debian Lenny, so it should be 
> reported upstream.
> On 16/02/09 16:43 Ketil Malde wrote:
>> I had similar problems mounting my Sony Ericsson C702 on Ubuntu 8.10.  I
>> edited /etc/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-storage.rules, commenting out the
>> line looking like:
>>    IMPORT{program}="vol_id --export $tempnode"
>> and after that change, I could then mount it as a normal USB disk.
>> I really hope this will be fixed soon, USB mass storage is old enough
>> that it should Just Work (tm).

USB Hard Drive Not Accessible, vol_id hangs
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