[Bug 275351] Re: slow boot on intel DG45ID

Eric R Drayer ericdrayer at wildblue.net
Sun Dec 6 19:05:43 UTC 2009

I just bought the intel DP43TF.
I am using ubuntu 9.04 amd64 and radeon 9000 video card.
I was using an abit ip35v mother board with the radeon 9000 with no Blender or mouse problems.
I have the ehci bug as above now.
I have other problems as well.
Could this board be interfering with X11 and or the open source radeon driver?
The mouse pointer icon is a 1 inch square and blender has no text (the entire interface has all the text removed).
Curiously the screen shot actually shows the correct icon.
I have tried other mice.
I have the latest updates.
I have a debian install (same hard drive) with the same problem.
I have run the 9.04 install dvd so that ubuntu is runnning of the dvd and had the same problems.
I tried to use karmic on the last board but after the install and grub there was no way to get video or use terminal(recovery).
Even if I had been able to get a recovery prompt I do not know how to change the configuration to use a different driver as xorg.conf has been depreciated.
The abit board has died... bad bios maby.

slow boot on intel DG45ID 
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