[Bug 348275] Re: [iwlagn] networkmanager applet cannot connect to WPA2 home network (intel 4965)

Swâmi Petaramesh swami at petaramesh.org
Thu Apr 30 15:55:18 UTC 2009

Installing linux-backports-modules-jaunty-generic apparently fixed WPA2
for me as described above.

One may however wonder about the need for installing "backported"
modules less than a week after the Jaunty distribution was released...

KDE 4.2's NetworkManager plasmoïd is definitely buggy anyway :

- It only shows an option for "WPA", not "WPA2", event though after
installing backported modules this will allow connecting to a WPA2-only

- Even though the network password have been "saved" (using KDE Wallet), the plasmoïd will stubbornly ask to manually type the network password again in at least 2 situations:
a/ When manually changing from a wireless net to another (even though both networks have been duly registered with their respective passwords).
b/ When, at KDE startup, I'm prompted for the Kdewallet password for getting the network key. If I don't type it quickly enough (i.e. I was away from the machine while KDE was starting up), then the plasmoïd will request the network password by itself (and the 1st connection attempt will subsequently fail anyway)
c/ In the situation where the network plasmoïd asks several times for the password, it will duplicate each time the same network entry in its "connection list", so you end up with a "connection list" containing 10 times the same net...
d/ Sometimes displays the name of the currently connected network, sometimes not. When it does it shows (at least in french) : "xxxConnecté à « somenetworkname »" the "xxx" being actually displayed, ooks like a string placeholder that was forgotten there...

Well, the KDE Network plasmoïd is currently so buggy and it is so
obvious that I wonder if it's really worth describing it...

[iwlagn] networkmanager applet cannot connect to WPA2 home network (intel 4965)
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